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Rare Books on CD-ROM

Many interesting and important technical books have become increasingly rare and expensive. Weak Force Press is making some of these titles available on CD-ROM as a series of high-quality scans at an affordable price.

Notes: These following titles are only available as CD-ROMs, which are delivered via post; none are available as downloads.You must have Adobe®  Acrobat® Reader® installed on your computer to view these CDs. Acrobat® Reader® is a free download from www.adobe.com.


Air Service Engine Handbook
Aerosphere 1939 "World's Aircraft Engines"
Curtiss Challenger Aircraft Engine Handbook
Curtiss Model D-12 Aircraft Engine Handbook
North American B-25C and B-25D Flight Manual
Allison V-1710 Operating Instructions
Corsair Erection and Maintenance Instructions
Corsair Pilot's Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions
Curtiss-Wright, R-3350-8 & -24 Overhaul Instructions
Napier Lion Series 11B Maintenance Manual
The Development of Aircraft Engines and Fuels
Care of the 100 h.p. Monosoupape Engine
Care and Maintenance of the 130 h.p. D.H. Gipsy Major Aero Engine
Operation, Installation and Maintenance of the 80 H.P. Pobjoy "R" Type Aero-Engine
Artificial and Natural Flight, by Sir Hiram S. Maxim (1909)
The Care of the 110 h.p. Le Rhone Engine, 9-cylinder Type J
Bristol Centaurus 661 Maintenance Manual
Pratt & Whitney Wasp and Twin Wasp Operating and Service Instructions
Bristol Hercules 730 Series Engine Maintenance Manual
Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of the (J-5)
Wright Whirlwind Aviation Engine
Operator's Handbook Rolls-Royce Merlin MK. Nos. 22, 24 and T24
Bristol Hercules Mk. 264 General and Technical Information
Wright Aero Service Lectures
Wright Aero Operation Engineers Handbook