Weak Force Press Web Site and Forum Registration

Proof of Purchase Validation

All Weak Force Press books sold after 15 Nov 2012 included a Proof of Purchase coupon that enables the original purchaser to access Weak Force Press web site content and forums dedicated to that specific product. This registration process consists of two steps.

Step 1: Please enter your Proof of Purchase code and accept the terms and conditions (Rules) that govern access to the Weak Force Press web site and forum.
You will only have to do this Step on time and you will not have to remember the Proof of Purchase Code. Once you have correctly entered the Code you can set up a username and password of your own choosing, which you will then use to access the customers-only web site content and forums.

Step 2: Please create a username and password, and enter an e-mail address. You will then have immediate access to web site content and forums related to the product you purchased.

If you have previously registered other Weak Force Press products, you may continue using the username, password and e-mail address that is on file PROVIDED you enter these three things exactly as they appear in your profile. If you are unsure, please LOGIN to the Forum and visit your profile in the User Control Panel before proceeding with registration of your new product.

Weak Force Press web site content and forums have been created as a service to Weak Force Press customers. Your posts in the product-related forums are only viewable by others who have also purchased that product.

Step 1: Proof of Purchase Validation

Please enter each of the four groups of eight characters from the Proof of Purchase Code into the respective four text boxes below.
Note that these consist of the digits 0-9 and lower-case letters a-f.
These must be entered exactly as they appear on the coupon.



 I have read and agree to abide by the Weak Force Press Web Site Rules.