Details of Wright R-2160 Tornado Engine and Systems Installation.
This mosaic was taken at U.S. National Archives II, College Park, Maryland.
Record Group 342, RD 1260, Republic Aircraft Corp XP-69 Dwg #SK-14441 Inboard Profile
The original drawing was too large to reproduce, resulting in the multiple images.

xp692045_small.jpg xp692046_small.jpg xp692048_small.jpg xp692049_small.jpg xp692050_small.jpg
xp692051_small.jpg xp692052_small.jpg xp692053_small.jpg xp692054_small.jpg xp692055_small.jpg
xp692056_small.jpg xp692057_small.jpg xp692058_small.jpg xp692059_small.jpg xp692060_small.jpg
xp692061_small.jpg xp692062_small.jpg xp692063_small.jpg xp692064_small.jpg xp692065_small.jpg
xp692066_small.jpg xp692067_small.jpg xp692068_small.jpg xp692069_small.jpg xp692070_small.jpg

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